Social Justice

Social Justice calls us to become aware of how society is structured in its institutions, laws, educational and business practices. We are challenged to see whether dignity is respected, human rights are promoted, and true development is facilitated. Click below to view the Anti-Human Trafficking newsletter we help sponsor. 
YWCA 10 steps to eliminate racism

Benedictines for Peace

All the members of Mount St. Scholastica are involved with Benedictines for Peace in works of charity and works of justice:

  • The World Peace Prayer is prayed daily in St. Lucy Chapel by those who live in Dooley Center.
  • Leadership is offered to the Hunger Task Force of Atchison which responds to basic needs of shelter, utilities, medicine, food, and transportation to Atchison area residents.      
  • Cooperation with the Atchison Ministerial Alliance is provided by involvement in special events e.g. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, Lenten soup and sermon series.
  • Victims of natural disasters receive a contribution to aid those in need.
  • Sisters work weekly at the Atchison Catholic Charities Food Distribution Center.
  • Sisters offer spiritual services  for both men and women in the Atchison County Jail and the Kansas State Prison.
  • Sisters and Oblates of Mount St. Scholastica assist immigrants at the Mexican border through collaboration with Catholic Charities in El Paso, Laredo and San Antonio in Texas, and San Diego, California.
  • Sisters teach or volunteer on the board of Donnelly College and facilitate a food pantry at the College.
  • Sisters serve on the board of Riverbend Habitat for Humanity and assist with construction projects.
  • Sisters participated in the Juneteenth memorial commemorating the lynching of George Johnson in Atchison by a white mob in 1870.
  • Sisters sign letters to both state and federal congresspersons a couple times a year regarding a social justice issue.

Gospel in Action

Prevention of Gun Violence

A Statement of the Conference of Benedictine Prioresses March 21, 2013   As Benedictine monastic women, we stand united in a 1500 ‐ year tradition, rooted in Gospel values of peace and non‐violence.  Our Benedictine

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Statement on Racism

In February of 2017, the Conference of Benedictine prioresses crafted a statement against racism, calling it a social sin. In the statement they said, “To

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Conference of Benedictine Prioresses: On Racism Conference of Benedictine Prioresses February 4, 2017 In the spirit of the centuries-old Rule of Benedict which urges us

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