Timeline of Events

November 11, 1863

Seven Benedictine sisters arrive in Atchison, Kansas, with the purpose of opening a school for girls. Our foundress, Mother Evangelista Kremmeter, is pictured below. 

Evangelista Kremmeter, old photo, nun, habit

December 1863

Mount St. Scholastica Academy is opened.


The sisters purchase Price Villa at a private auction and move the Academy and the community there. The building was renamed St. Cecilia’s.

The first mission is established outside of Atchison: Sisters go out to live and teach in Seneca, Kansas. The sisters spread to other towns in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado on teaching missions.


The monastery and choir chapel, which we still use today, are built. 


Mount St. Scholastica receives eight Benedictine sisters from France, who are refugees from the 1904 expulsion of priests and religious in that country.


Mount St. Scholastica College opens.


St. Scholastica chapel is built to serve the needs of the sisters and students at Mount St. Scholastica College. 


Mount sisters establish their first daughterhouse, Monasterio de San Benito, in Mexico City. It becomes an independent monastery in 1950.


Donnelly College, a ministry of Mount St. Scholastica, opens in Kansas City, Kansas. 


The sisters establish a daughterhouse, St. Lucy’s Priory, in Glendora, California. It becomes independent in 1956.


Another daughterhouse, Benet Hill Priory, opens in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It becomes independent in 1965.


Mount St. Scholastica celebrates its centennial year. Sister Mary Faith Schuster writes the community history, The Meaning of the Mountain.


Sisters establish a daughterhouse, Monasterio Santa Maria Mãe de Deus, in Mineiros Goias, Brazil.


Mount St. Scholastica College merges with St. Benedict’s College to form Benedictine College. 


Keeler Women’s Center Opens


Sophia Spirituality Center moves to its current location.

Retreat Center


The Sisters of Benedict of Red Plains Monastery in Piedmont, Oklahoma, transfer their vows to Atchison. 

November 2012 - November 2013

Sesquicentennial celebration of the founding of the community.