Residential Volunteer

(Monastic Volunteer Program)

We are welcoming

volunteers at this time!


The goal of the Mount St. Scholastica Monastic Volunteer Program is to provide the opportunity for women and men to participate in Benedictine community, prayer, and ministry – during times of life transitions, sabbaticals or vacations. Volunteers spend an agreed upon period at Mount St. Scholastica, not to exceed four months (evaluations for extended time will be considered upon request). A small house on the monastery grounds is provided for one to six volunteers. 

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Over 21 years of age without dependents
  • Must own a vehicle
  • Willingness to sign a waiver of liability
  • Sufficient health to participate in community life
  • Financially independent to provide for major personal expenses, i.e. private vehicles, medications, long distance transportation
  • Ability to adapt to different works, rural/urban setting and community living
  • Desire to experience monastic living


While volunteers receive no salary, in return for services, we offer:

  • Room and board*
  • A negotiable stipend ($75.00/month max.)
  • Orientation
  • Daily participation in Liturgy of the Hours and opportunity for Eucharist
  • Lectures, classes, workshops, retreats, and other educational or general enrichment opportunities available to the community
  • Spiritual Direction, if desired
  • Some recreational opportunities with the community
*If a volunteer receives payment for contracted services to another organization, service to the monastic community extends to “after hours” duties within the community. In this case, room and board costs will be assessed.

Admission Process

Interested in applying? Contact Sister Loretta McGuire:

  • The completed application form including three references (please no relatives) is reviewed by the Monastic Volunteer Team and the Prioress
  • A criminal background check will be conducted, along with a drug screen
  • Applicant will need to provide proof of VIRTUS or other diocesan-approved training or be willing to attend the required sessions
  • The applicant is asked to have an interview with the Monastic Volunteer Team either in person or by the telephone. If the applicant is not acquainted with us, he/she will be encouraged to visit
  • The applicant will be notified as to acceptance into the program. The arrival date and period of volunteer service will be mutually agreed upon and the Monastic Volunteer Program Agreement will be processed
  • There will be four-to-six-weeks probationary period following acceptance into the program

Program Participation

  • The volunteer will participate in monastic life under the guidance of the Monastic Volunteer Team, with one team member serving as main contact person.
  • A program to orientate the volunteer to monastic spirituality will be offered
  • A periodic assessment of the monastic experience will be held with the contact person and the Monastic Volunteer Team
  • Should the experience not be satisfactory, participation in the Monastic Volunteer Program may be terminated by the volunteer or the community of Mount St. Scholastica