Become a Volunteer

Live-in Program

The live-in volunteer program invites men and women to immerse themselves in the Benedictine community.

We invite you to consider applying if you…

  • Desire to enter into prayer, communal life and the mission of the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica
  • Are over 21 and in good health
  • Have no dependents
  • Are financially independent (we provide room/board and negotiate a stipend)
  • Can adapt to a communal lifestyl


Video created by Marty Rymarz. Marty is a current live-in volunteer with his wife Tami at the Mount. We are happy to share our life with them!

Volunteer opportunities with our ministries

The volunteer program gives men and women the opportunity to participate in Benedictine community, prayer and ministry through service with the Sisters at Mount St. Scholastica. Volunteers offer an opportunity to embrace the Benedictine way of life, that can translate into any environment. Opportunities are available at the monastery, as well as our following ministries below. 

Keeler Women’s Center

Keeler Women’s Center Keeler offers free Previous Next Hours: Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are temporarily closed. Please call, and leave us a

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