S. Thomasita Homan

My early life was primarily in Nebraska: Steinauer, Lexington and Crete. It was at Mount St. Scholastica Academy that I came to know Benedictine sisters and consider my own vocation. I felt called to the Mount and entered in 1956. My final profession was in 1961. I received a BA in Education and a minor in English from Mount St. Scholastica College. My first ministry was teaching at elementary schools in Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. Later, I was Scholastic Director and Formation Director for my community. After earning my MA in English at Iowa State University in 1979, I taught and was advisor for the literary arts magazine in the English department at Benedictine College. For 2 years, I was also Alumni Director and Campus Ministry Director at the college. I retired in 2008 and am now an emerita professor. In addition to my passion for poetry and the psalms, I have traveled to Jordan, Israel, Syria, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, England, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to visit family and to be present when Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Award.