Once you have completed your will, your durable power of attorney for health care and a living will you may feel like everything is organized and finalized.  But life changes and your plan will also need to be reviewed.  Here are some of the reasons to consider reviewing and updating your plan.

  1. New children, grandchildren or other heirs

  2. Move to a different state

  3. Sale or purchase of a major asset

  4. Reaching age 72

  5. Your selected beneficiary is deceased

  6. Divorce or remarriage

  7. Substantial change in value

  8. Adding a major property to a living trust

  9. Selector executor or trustee not available

  10. Passage of time

Because estate plans are affected by changes in your life and in the laws it is recommended that every three to five years you go over your plans with your attorney.

It is a privilege and honor for the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica to be named as a beneficiary in your gift planning.  All benefactors are listed in our Book of the Dead and remembered in our prayers yearly all through the month of November.

Sister Mary Agnes Patterson, OSB at 913-360-6215 or patterson@mountosb.org.

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