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Sister Seraphine Tucker Funeral – October 20-21, 2022

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For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020, the Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica were able to properly honor one of their own who passed into eternal life.

Sister Seraphine Tucker’s body was received at the monastery entrance during the afternoon of October 20, blessed and accompanied by the Pascal candle, her hand-written vows and the Rule of St. Benedict to St. Lucy Chapel in Dooley Center, where Midday Prayer was recited prior to a viewing.

That evening, the community processed with Sister Seraphine to the choir chapel for a vigil, followed by the Agape, where Sister gathered in the monastery dining room, recalling her with  fond memories.

The Mass of Resurrection was held on October 21 in the choir chapel, with ample prayers for Sister Seraphine’s eternal rest.

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