Sister Rosann Eckart

On any given day, my ministry in the maintenance department involves a variety of tasks. Each morning, after turning on the choir chapel and hall lights, I pick up the slips filled out by the Sisters requesting repairs. It’s also a daily task to haul the trash from the monastery buildings to the dumpster. Besides yard work, moving furniture, washing towels and rags used in cleaning the shop, cleaning the Just Bee Hermitage and taking care of Sophie, the black Labrador, I take my turn doing dishes after meals. In the evening, I check the doors to ensure the buildings are secure and turn out the lights.

Being Benedictine is integral to monastic life and ministry, because the vows help us be “free of worldly cares.” We have the community support at all times – in joy and sadness. We have daily community prayer, feeling that support as we chant the psalms as a group.

We know we can count on the community for support in whatever service we are asked to do. We know God is with us.