Sister Rita Claire Judge

Shortly after I came home to the Mount in August 2013, I was asked to serve as the procurator or cellarer of the monastery, which involves keeping the storeroom and cupboards in order and filled with the necessary supplies, so they are readily available when the Sisters need them.

I also supply personal care items for the Sisters, such as shampoo and soap.

Among my other ministries, I drive sisters to appointments, take them shopping or to places like the local library to pick up books. I handle recycling, taking packing materials to be reused and delivering unused items to local second-hand shops.

Another aspect of my ministry is assisting in making sure the monastery cars are properly serviced or repaired, as needed.

As part of my ministry of presence, I am a companion to the Sisters living in Dooley Center.

For me, the example of the Sisters who taught me in grade and high school inspires my ministry as a Benedictine. Their life of prayer and community living was very much a part of their being and is now part of mine. The balance of prayer and lectio with ministry and leisure anchors the joy that I share with others and is shared with me on a daily basis.