Sister Mary Rae Schrick

I was born in Nortonville, Kansas, the fourth of ten children. I had three older sisters. My dad wanted a little boy. My Birthday is December 31,  and my dad was happy that I was tax deductible.

I went to Saint Joseph’s Grade School for eight years, then to Mt. St. Scholastica Academy for four years. I graduated from Mount St. Scholastica College with a Bachelor of Science. In 1960, I graduated as a Registered Nurse from Saint Joseph’s hospital in Saint Joseph. In 1974, I went to Atlanta, Georgia, to Emory University and obtained a Bachelor in Science in Medicine.

As a Physician Associate, I did Kidney Dialysis and worked with Dr. Wallace in our Atchison Clinic and in our satellite clinics in Effingham and Nortonville. I was hired also by the Atchison Hospital; and after retiring, I also worked 5 years in the Atchison Hospital Health Clinic. I am at present the Clinic Director/Physician Assistant of the monastery clinic.

I taught four and a half years in Eudora, Ks, Maryville, Mo, and Brookfield, Mo, and loved it. I can look back on my years of being and thank God for all the opportunities that I have had in my years of caring for the local community and monastery.

I love sports, crafts, reading, etc. I enjoy and thank God each day for my vocation. I have been on many committees, projects and the community Senate. I’m slowing down and enjoying taking it easy and stopping to smell the roses.