Sister Marie Louise Krenner

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Sister Marie Louise Krenner

My life began May 13, 1929, in Kansas City, Mo. I attended Guardian Angels Grade School, which was taught by the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica. This was followed by a year and a half in Mount St. Scholastica Academy in Atchison. I entered the monastery on January 14, 1945, and became a primary teacher. I taught mostly in Kansas with a few years in Missouri and one year as a kindergarten teacher in Colorado. 

In 1962, I began working as an archivist during the summer. In 1993, I stopped teaching and became a full-time archivist (with other jobs also!).  At that time, I began working in the Mount Archives in the morning and at St. Benedict’s Abbey archives in the afternoon. 

Now I am retired and live in Dooley Center. I enjoy comparatively good health. No cane, no walker, no wheel chair. I spend my mornings embroidering. In the afternoons, I read or use my iPad. 

However, mostly, I look forward to the joys of Heaven.