Sister Jennifer Halling

I have two primary ministries: I am the editor of Threshold and Benedictines magazines, and I am the director of an oblate group.

For Threshold, I write and compile stories of our Benedictine life at the Mount to share with family, oblates, friends, and donors. As editor of Benedictines magazine, I seek articles about Benedictine spirituality, edit the material, oversee the layout, and prepare issues for mailing.

As director of the oblate (lay associate) group centered in Atchison, my main role is to support oblates in their call to live out Benedictine values in their daily lives. I do this by coordinating and planning monthly meetings, preparing a weekly newsletter called The Monastic Missive, and facilitating a formation program for persons who want to become oblates.

In addition to these ministries, I write a spirituality blog called The Monastic Call and assist with flower and vegetable gardening.

Being a Benedictine sister is integral to my life and ministry because it helps my work become a prayer. My life as a Benedictine sister, with its focus on communal prayer and community, increases my awareness of the presence of God no matter what I am doing. It helps me stay centered and provides me with the structure and support I need to effectively share my gifts and talents with others.