Sister Fran Cross

A native of Avondale, Mo., I graduated from Lee’s Summit High School in 1953. After working for an insurance company for nine years, I joined the Catholic Church and later Mount St. Scholastica Monastery. I  professed monastic vows in 1963, the Mount’s centennial year. 

My ministries have included bookkeeper, registrar, swimming instructor, aerobic dance instructor, and data processing clerk. While working on a degree in HPER (health, physical education and recreation), I taught swimming at Mount St. Scholastica Academy and worked as bookkeeper. After graduating from Benedictine College in 1980, I taught exercise classes for senior citizens and aerobic dance classes for the YMCA and other businesses in Atchison. Because of a bicycle accident and back injury, I had to discontinue my exercise activities. 

In 1985 I began working at Donnelly College as assistant to the registrar. In 2000, I became registrar at Donnelly and retired in 2010.