Sister Evelyn Gregory

It was between the Glorious Roaring Twenties and the severe Depression of the twenties, that I was born in the hospital in Saint Joseph, Missouri, on July 10, 1929.

I was named In honor of a college friend of my mother’s at St, Teresa in Kansas City.

My mother and dad had met at the local St Joseph Catholic Church near the family farm which would become our loving home for me and my 5 brothers and 5 sisters of which I am the second. I received a very good education while attending our one-room country school, add looked forward to going to college which was inspired by both my mother and dad who had attended St. Theresa and St Benedict’s.

After graduating from Mount St. Scholastica Academy, I entered the Benedictine community and completed college. Receiving a Masters in Education Administration from Creighton University, I continued teaching in grade schools In Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa and serving as principal.

Subsequent to a Degree in Christian Spirituality, my ministry included the privilege of directing Benedictine sisters in Initial Formation unto final Profession and beyond, forming and leading the group of the Benedictine Oblates, laymen, and women in the St. Joseph area who study the rule and further its origin and charism, serving on the Souljourners staff as group leader, spiritual director and teacher of spiritual direction.

As a child I grew in awareness and love for nature and beauty, inspired by both parents, and in surroundings which brought forth aspirations to seek the good. From this background, I seemed to come to the calling to Benedictine living.

My hobbies are visiting with friends, walking for fun, reading, meditating with groups or alone. I have enjoyed the privilege of many travels throughout my lifetime, including visiting my dear sister, Sister Elaine who is a Benedictine Sister and a very close friend and companion.

My 10 siblings and their spouses continue to be close and loving to me and each other. My life is one of gratitude.