Sister Deborah Peters

Along with my siblings, Jack and Penny, I was reared in Belleville, Illinois, by Jack, a German immigrant, and Ethel Lake. In 1954, after graduating from Notre Dame Academy, I attended Mount St. Scholastica College, where, finally, after two years, I decided to enter the monastery.

In 2008, I realized that I had spent most of my life either in front of or behind the teacher’s desk. What a journey! My teaching years included every level, including graduate school, except kindergarten—a fact that prompts me to confess the kindergarteners were spared.  I found my element when I taught English at Bishop Le Blond and Mount St. Scholastica Academy high schools and at Benedictine College. I consider the best decisions in my life to be converting to the Catholic faith and choosing to ride the roller coaster life of a religious at Mount St. Scholastica monastery, a decision that has brought me the full gamut of emotions in a place filled with wonderful women with loving hearts. I now work in the monastery library loving almost every minute of it. My greatest blessings have been the people I have met on the journey.