Sister Constance Krstolic

Ministries are never lacking in the monastery. Each one is an experience of the HOLY.

My community has provided me with many life-giving and varied opportunities for spiritual growth. Over the years, I have found myself in the classroom with lively junior high and inner-city high school students, and with college students searching for meaning in their lives… and it was HOLY.

I was invited by our prioress to become vocation minister. This, too, was a holy ministry as I journeyed with women discerning their call to monastic life here at the Mount. Many of them did join us…and it was HOLY. Vocation ministry led into retreat ministry with apostolic, monastic communities and Protestant congregations. Spiritual direction was frequently the follow-up with these groups… and it was HOLY.

Retreat ministry with religious communities led into team building (using Benedictine values) with corporate America… and it was HOLY.
Being called forth by our prioress to be her sub-prioress in leadership was an opportunity to directly serve our sisters in community… and it was indeed HOLY!

Currently, I am supervisor of our front desk here at the Mount… an experience of the HOLY for sure!

Hospitality, a welcoming presence, is one of the hallmarks of a Benedictine monastery. “Working” at the front desk provides many opportunities to be hospitable, welcoming, to our sisters, guests, Dooley Center residents, vendors… The atmosphere of the monastery is that of being a safe place, a peaceful place where ALL people are respected and valued for who they area: children of God.

Every guest, whether they are here for hours or years, brings a gift to be shared with us and we in turn share our gifts with them. There is a mutuality of the gift giving. Being a part of the monastery staff opens opportunities of giving and receiving in all relationships. Together, we are co-workers with Christ building up the people of God, with a main ministry of community and prayer.

I find all experiences, then, are HOLY, for they are invitations to be in God’s presence. Nothing is a coincidence… for a coincidence is merely a small miracle that happens when God remains anonymous.