Sister Chris Kean

I am the youngest of four children of Richard J. and Margaret M. Kean of Longmont, CO. My older sister, Sister Mary Margaret, is also a member of this community. I am most grateful for her in my life. She has been my example of what a true Benedictine vocation is and can be, and I am  grateful for all of the encouragement, love, and support she has offered to me.I entered the community in August of 1981. After my novitiate, I spent three years at St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral as a pastoral associate to the elderly and then came home and for several years worked in maintenance. Then I came home and for several years worked in maintenance. When the college moved to another campus in 1989, I was appointed as the first administrator of The Mount Community Center. I ran TMCC, trying to fill the buildings and administrate the programs for approximately four years until I could no longer do so. I was then appointed to a team position as one of three maintenance directors for the whole campus both of TMCC and the monastery with two other people. During this time, I discerned that my true purpose in ministry was to be a funeral director and embalmer. I went to school while I was still working in maintenance. Once I received my diploma and my certification from the state and the national board, I worked full-time as a funeral director and an embalmer. The next 15 years were filled with ministering to many bereaved and grieving persons. At the end of that time, because of my health, I retired to living in Dooley Center where I presently reside. I do volunteer work in our archives and enjoy that thoroughly.