Sister Chris Kean

I am Sister Chris Kean, and I came to Mount St. Scholastica in 1981 when I was three months short of 30 years old. My sister, Sister Mary Margaret, had entered the Mount in 1960. The reason I mention this is that I used to write her regularly, and those letters became the source of entertainment for the novices and postulants at their evening recreation. As a fourth grader, I was not very good at spelling. So my sister always gave me the honor of reading my letters phonetically no matter how I spelled the words. Use your imagination! As time has gone by, my spelling and writing skills have gotten better, thankfully. Writing is something that I enjoy doing. Mostly what I write is for me, but on occasions, I am given the privilege of writing for a vigil for one of our sisters or for a vigil during Advent or Lent. Sometimes I get to share with the readers of our column in the Globe called “A View from the Mount.”