Sister Angela Ostermann

I grew up in the small North Central Missouri town of Brunswick.  When I was eight years old, I moved with my parents and brother to the farm, as both my parents had been raised on a farm.  I attended elementary school at St. Boniface Parish school and grades 9-12 at Brunswick Public High School.  After high school, I chose to attend Mount St. Scholastica College in Atchison as I valued catholic education.  My major at the Mount was Home Economics with emphasis in Dietetics.  I had wonderful Benedictine teachers and grew to admire them and their monastic life.  After graduation in 1961, I entered the Mount community.  The community was in need of a dietitian and asked if I would be interested in pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Kansas.

After teaching only a half year of home economics at Bishop LeBlond High School in St. Joseph, Mo, I began the MS program at KU.  Upon completion of this program, I returned to the Mount to become Food service Director for the next 43 years.  My career as adjunct faculty at Mount St. Scholastica College and later Benedictine College spanned 39 years.  At present, I still practice dietetics as Consultant RD for Dooley Center.

Besides being involved in food service, I served on the community Congress, Senate and Council, the Formation Team, and other community committees.and was Director of Formation.

I have had opportunities for international travel to several countries, including participation in the Rome Renewal Program in 2007 which included visiting my relatives in Germany.  In 2019,  an enriching experience for me was to be part of a tour group to Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Growing up on the farm, I have always loved nature.  My introduction to biking and hiking through my faculty colleague and friend, Sharon Mathis, has added to my enjoyment and appreciation of God’s creation and to my dedication to exercise and physical well-being.

The Benedictine motto “Ora et Labora” has been a part of my life from my earliest days and has been enhanced through living the Benedictine monastic life as a professed member for 58 years.  All the opportunities of living with and serving others have greatly enriched my life.