Sister Louise Whipple, OSB

Business Manager for Mount St. Scholastica

“A coincidence is a little miracle from God,” said Sr. Connie, who was the vocation director for our community at the time of my discernment. My vocation story begins with several coincidences. Although I was involved in our Newman Center in college at Kansas State University I didn’t regularly attend daily Mass, 

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but I met Sr. Connie one day after attending daily Mass when she was visiting campus. I began discerning with her and in that process started visiting our monastery. However, God’s nudging came even prior to meeting Sr. Connie in another coincidence. On a fluke and as a chance to “get away” for the weekend during college, I went on a retreat with the Sister’s of St. Joseph in Concordia, KS. When we left for the retreat, I didn’t realize it was a vocation discernment retreat. But it was what helped me begin my thinking about religious life.

The Benedictine focus of prayer, community, and work appealed to my inner spirit but the idea of becoming a Sister still seemed too odd. I hadn’t grown up knowing any Sisters so entering a community was an interesting idea but not something I thought I’d really want to do. I wanted a “regular” life with a husband and children. I worked for a year teaching and still avoiding God’s call. After that year of discernment, I decided to enter the monastery thinking partly that it surely wouldn’t be for me and I could put this whole idea behind me and get on with a “normal” life. However, God proved me wrong. I couldn’t be happier. It is within this community that I can best find God and serve God as well as the people of God. Although I entered in 1989 and made final vows in 1996, I feel that I continue to grow into my vocation and to be all that God created me to be. God’s ongoing call for me in this Benedictine way of life continues to challenge me and nudge me in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. It takes courage and trust to continue to listen to what God wants. But what a wonder God can do with a few small coincidences!

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