Vocation Story of Sister Elaine Fischer, OSB

Director of Maintenance

Reflecting on my vocation and call to monastic life, I realize that it is through experiences, relationships, and dailiness that I am learning to embrace and enter more deeply into my monastic vocation. I entered the community after completing my college degree, with the full intention of getting the idea of being 

a nun out of my system, so I could get on with my life.

A little bit of history: I felt that God was calling me to be a religious in high school and I managed to block and shut out those crazy thoughts most of my college days. Yes, the gift of my family, my faith, my religion and deep sense of God's loving presence has always been a bedrock in my life, but God surely was not asking me to be a nun! Wasn't it a call to serve people through the Peace Corps or some other organization? However, that little voice and deep gut feeling always managed to break through my walls of denial. I decided to pursue this and prove God wrong. I participated in a summer program with the Sisters of St. Joseph in Concordia, which was a wonderful experience, but I realized I was called to a different type of religious life. So, I contacted my former Benedictine grade school teacher and got hooked up with the vocation director. The monastic life with the commitment to community and prayer seemed to ring true in my heart. I entered with many questions, not necessarily planning to stay. 

As in so many aspects of life, one grows into a vocation. It just does not happen at once and you are set for life. Growing up on a farm, I realize that each season brings its gifts and its struggles, so too in living fully one's vocation. Over time, I have experienced periods of tremendous growth, and saw my relationships, ministry and life flourish. I have also known a time of dying to self and deep desires, as well as a season of steadiness where nothing seems to be happening at all. However, it is through all the seasons that I have come to love my vocation and call to the monastic life. Even though I entered with every intention of proving God wrong, I stay because my call to monastic life at the Mount has been and continues to be a tremendous blessing. Through the gift of community, liturgy of the hours, lectio, and relationships I know this is the place in which I can be my best self and be of the best service to others. 

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