The Discernment Process

Discerning if you have a religious vocation is a process that comes about over time. It is recommended that you seek a spiritual guide to help you through this process. Along with talking with someone about your thoughts, seek the guidance of God through prayer. Talk to other religious sisters and ask them questions.

If you want to respond to God's loving nudges, please begin your discernment process:

  • Be open to prayer and ask God for help in your decision.
  • Do your homework - search the web and study different communities and their charisms.
  • Ask what seems to be a better fit for you: the apostolic, monastic, or contemplative life.
  • Talk to a friend, mentor, spiritual director, priest. Pay attention to God's whispers through others.
  • Call the vocation director to set up a time to talk, visit, or attend an available workshop

Inquiry Stage

The first step once you have decided to enter into the serious discernment of a particular community is called the Inquiry Stage. A woman must be between the ages of 21-45, in good physical and emotional health. This is a time to get to know the community and learn the history of monastic life and Benedictine values. This stage lasts from 8 months to two years.

During the Inquiry Stage at the Mount...

  • Keep in regular contact with Sister Barbara through emails, Facebook, or phone.
  • Be assigned a sister contact (This sister will correspond with you and you may pray for each other and ask her questions.) If interested, please contact Sister Barbara Smith, vocation director.
  • Visit us on the monastic experience days listed or schedule your own time to join us for prayers and work. Learn about our monastic history and Benedictine values.
  • Receive a visit from Sister Barbara when she is traveling in your area.

What is the next step? 

Once you discern with Sister Barbara for several months, have made several visits to Mount St. Scholastica, and you and Sister Barbara both feel you are ready, you will then begin the application process.