Joining Our Community

When you become a Benedictine sister, you follow a Rule that is more than 1500 years old.

Benedictine sisters focus on praying and living in a monastic community together in our monastery in Atchison, Kansas, and in smaller houses in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We follow the Rule of St. Benedict, a guide to life in community. Browse these web pages to see if our community is a good fit for you, and then contact us. We look forward to walking with you in your discernment journey. Our ministries are many, but they never take us far from home or from daily life in community.

How do I begin looking into religious life at Mount St. Scholastica?

So you think you may be called to religious life and you're ready to explore the possibilities with us. Great! We're excited to share with you many ways you can discern about becoming a sister: emails, phone calls, visits, retreats, volunteer work and monastic experience days.

Here are some of our requirements:

Age: Generally we discern seriously with single women who are practicing Catholics between the ages of 21 and 45.
Education: You are expected to have had some college and work experience.
Financial Situation: You are asked to be free of personal debts. (However, we will work with you if you have educational debt.)
Catholic Identity: You need to have been a practicing Catholic for at least two years.
Marital Status: You must be single with no dependents. Three to five years following the death of a spouse or divorce must precede before you make application. In the case of a divorce, an annulment is required before application can proceed.
Health: You must be in good physical and psychological health to live in community and be involved in service to others. A physical and psychological exam is required.

If you satisfy these requirements, you are welcome to inquire about religious life at Mount St. Scholastica. Please explore our community's website to get to know us and then call, write, text:

S. Marcia Ziska, Vocation Minister
(913) 426-5275