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Reflection by Sister Connie Krstolic, OSB
June 24, 2024

Luke 1:57-6680 


Mount St. Scholasticahow may I help you? 

With whom would you like to speak

JOHNWe have no one here by that name. 

May I ask who’s calling? 

Names of places and people are just a apart of our daily communication with one another

We are identified by various names. 

What comes to your mind when I say: SenecaWildcatStrawberry HillThe MOUNTEichstaff

What about when I say


What do we know about someone who bears a name? The names in the binder outside of our mailroom hold a wealth of our history. In the binder, there are memories of our sisters and places from where they came: GermanyFranceBrazilLouisianaRed PlainsSt. Mary’sour Vietnamese sistersout Mexican, Hispanic sisters.. 

So many names make up our personal historyour Mount family

You and I were born into a family and given a family name, given a baptismal name…and perhaps somewhere along the way, we even picked up a nickname

Just think about itdid you choose your confirmation name after a saint or someone you admired

A number of years ago, some of you went back and forth deciding if you wanted to keep your name in religion or return to your given name…What was your reasoning? 

What name would you have kept if you were to have marriedyour maiden name or your husband’s name? 

Did you like your name when you were growing up? Were you ever bullied with namecalling as some chil- dren and adults are ? 

NAMES…..Elizabeth and Zechariah came face to face with the question of the name of their baby boy. 

Elizabeth said that their little one’s name would be JOHN. The townspeople and perhaps family members couldn’t believe it because “no one here has that name!” 

What about your name? Were you name after someone in your family? …her name is Sharon…her name is Ceciiaher name is Kathleen

I realize that we are much smaller now then when most of us entered, but were you daunted by how many we were. How long would it take to know everyone’s name? 

Yes, we are indeed a melting pot of ethnic backgrounds; we always have been. This is one of our gifts. 

Glance across the aisle, and ponder the question if asked by a sister there.”Who do you say that I am?” 

You know that you and I are blessed with another name? 


When we are asked Who are you?a feeling of belonging comes over us when we answer I am an Atchison Benedictine.” 

Our name as Atchison Benedictines speaks to our history of prayer and community, of hospitality, of being educators, of ministering to the sick, of reaching out to the poor, the outcast of being alert to social justice needs and of being stewards of all of God’s Creation

As we say,I am an Atchison Benedictinewe give honor to our German sisters and to all who have preced- ed us along the way.There is a sense of pride within our hearts, pride of who we are…from where we cameand to where we are going. 

Our name as Atchison Benedictines carries the strength of being prayerful women of faith who desire to give the gift of God’s peace through prayer and community to whomever we meet along the way

Ring….ring….ring…Mount St. Scholastice 

How may WE help you?


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