Readings & Psalm Cycle for Liturgy of the Hours at Mount St. Scholastica

The following are the Scripture readings used at Morning and Evening Praise at Mount St. Scholastica. The readings follow a pattern known as "lectio continuum" meaning that an entire book of the Bible is read over a  period of time and not merely individual selections. Sundays and feasts have special readings and, thus, do not follow this pattern.

Readings for 2018 - based on liturgical Cycle B

August 12-Advent 2018

May-August 2018

Lent to Pentecost 2018

Advent to Lent 2017-2018

Readings for 2017 - based on liturgical Cycle A

Advent and Christmas 2016 - 2017

Winter Ordinary Time 2017

Lent to Pentecost 2017

Pentecost to Advent 2017


Readings for 2016 - based on liturgical Cycle C

Advent and Christmas, 2015-2016

Winter Ordinary Time 2016

Lent 2016

Easter 2016

Summer Ordinary Time 2016 (through August 27)

Autumn Ordinary Time 2016


Readings for 2015 - based on liturgical Cycle B

December 2014 (Advent 2014 and part of Christmas 2014)

Winter Ordinary TIme 2015

Lent 2015

Easter 2015

Summer Ordinary Time 2015 (through September 5)

Fall Ordinary Time 2015 (Sept. 6 through Nov. 28)


Principles for selecting readings for the Liturgy of the Hours at Mount St. Scholastica.

Mount St. Scholastica's Four Week Cycle for the Psalms and Canticles

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Mount St. Scholastica's Midday Praise Two Week Psalm Cycle

Mount St. Scholastica


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