Daily Reflection Questions for May 2018

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Date Liturgical CalendarReflection Question
May 1   John 14:27-31a. How is Jesus calling me to accept his peace?
May 2   John 15:1-8. In what areas of my life might I ask Jesus to prune me? Or how do I feel I am being pruned?
May 3   John 14:6-14. What do I want Jesus to do for me?
May 4   John 15:12-17. In what ways might I show appreciation to my friends and reach out to the friendless?
May 5   John 15:18-21. What must I let go of in order to let Jesus lead the direction of my life?
May 6   John 15:9-17. What is the gospel of love calling me to do?
May 7   John 15:26-16:4a. What might the Holy Spirit be preparing me to receive?
May 8   John 16:5-11. What am I waiting for Jesus to do?
May 9   John 16:12-15. Where do I seek truth?
May 10 Ascension Mark 16:15-20. In what ways is Jesus calling me to be a healing presence in the world?
May 11   John 16: 20-23. Who is grieving? How might I reach out to him or her?
May 12   John 16:23b-28. What do I wish to ask of God in the name of Jesus?
May 13   John 17:11b-19. How is Jesus calling me to contribute to the building up of unity in the Church?
May 14 Matthias John 15:9-17. What is of lasting value in my life?
May 15   John 17:1-11a. Do I accept the cross as the means of God’s glory in my life? What does this mean for me?
May 16   May 16. John 17:11b-19. How do I live the word of God? In what ways do I embrace unity in the body of Christ?
May 17   May 17. John 17:20-26. How do I seek the face of Jesus and long for him?
May 18   May 18. John 21:15-17. How do I experience God’s tremendous love for me, for others, for the world?
May 19   May 19. John 21:20-25. If I stand in the shoes of my neighbor, what might I need from my brothers and sisters in Christ?
May 20   May 20. Pentecost. What is the language and action of the Holy Spirit in my life?
May 21   Mark 9:14-29. What do I desire the Holy Spirit to drive out from my soul?
May 22   Mark 9:30-37. Who are the children that I need to receive and love?
May 23   Mark 9:38-40. In what ways might I let the mercy of God guide me and write the narrative of my life?
May 24   Mark 9:41-50. What gifts do I need from God in order to deepen gratitude in my heart?
May 25   Mark 10:1-12. How is God calling me to say yes to justice and no to injustice?
May 26   Mark 10:13-16. Jesus welcomes everyone. Who can I embrace with love?
May 27   Matthew 28:16-20. What is my role in the Church’s ministry of evangelization?
May 28   Mark 10:17-27. What do I feel is impossible right now in my life? How might I ask Jesus to help me?
May 29   Mark 10:28-31. How do I live and proclaim the truth of Jesus in my life?
May 30   Mark 10:32-45. In what ways is Jesus calling me to service in his name?
May 31 Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. How might I create a space where God can dwell within me for a long, long time?

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