Daily Reflection Questions for May 2017

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DateLiturgical CalendarReflection Question
May 1 Joseph the Worker Mt 13:54-58 How do I respond to people's giftedness...with joy or envy?
May 2 Athanasius, Bishop and Doctor Acts 7:51-8:1a Am I able to stand up and challenge those who oppose my views?
May 3 Philip and James, Apostles 1Cor 15:1-8 When the gospel is preached, how do I hear it, take it in and then respond?
May 4   Ps 66 "Shout joyfully to God, all you on earth..." Have I rejoiced in the the beauty of the Easter season, and how?
May 5   Acts 9:1-20 How do I allow Jesus to help me in the sufferings that come my way and embrace them?
May 6   Acts 9:31-42 What transformations come my way this past Lenten season and did my trust in God deepen?
May 7 4th Sunday of Easter Jn 10:1-10 What are some ways I block Jesus' entrance to my heart?
May 8   Jn 10:11-18 How do I know the Father and he knows me?
May 9   Jn 10:22-30 Knowing God loves me and is concerned for me, what risks do I take to challenge this relationship?
May 10   Jn 12:44-50 In what ways do I let my faith shine and be a beacon for others in this Easter season?
May 11 Abbots of Cluny Jn 13:16-20 How aware an I that some people who surround me, may have been sent by God?
May 12   Jn 14:1-6 Am I able to offer up to the Lord (he will take care of it) the last event that troubled my heart?
May 13   Jn 14:7-14 "Have I been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me?"
May 14 5th Sunday of Easter 1Pt 2:4-9 What darkness am I being called out of this Easter and into new light?
May 15 Pachomius, Abbot Jn 14:21-26 How has the Holy Spirit been "instructing" me?
May 16   Jn 14:27-31a Am I spreading peace with my neighbors, my family, the world?
May 17   Jn 15:1-8 How have I grown, been transformed and born fruit by the pruning I have experienced?
May 18   Ps 96:1-2, 2-3, 10 When do I "proclaim God's marvelous deeds?"
May 19   Acts 15:22-31 In what ways have I "risked y life for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ?"
May 20   Acts 16:1-10 To whom am I proclaiming the good news this Easter?
May 21 6th Sunday of Easter Jn 14:15-21 "He remains with you, and will be in you." Do I believe this?
May 22   Acts 16:11-15 May I let my "heart be opened" and hear the Good News? Please God help me.
May 23   Acts 16:22-34 How do I demonstrate my hope and faith in Jesus?
May 24   Jn 16:12-15 How have I experienced: "the Spirit of truth will guide you to all truth"?
May 25 Ascension of the Lord Eph 1:17-23 How have the "eyes of my heart been enlightened?"
May 26   Jn 16:20-23a Am I able to rejoice in another's joy? How do I share my joy with others?
May 27   Acts 18:23-28 What instruction in the way of the Lord, am I open to from others?
May 28 7th Sunday of Easter Acts 1:12-14 How do I seek God's face and whom do I seek God's face with?
May 29   Acts 19:1-8 How do I respond to the Holy Spirit's presence?
May 30   Acts 20:17-27 "...may I finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the good news of God's grace?"
May 31 Visitation of Mary Lk 1:39-56 How am I balancing my work time, service time and quiet time with the Lord?

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