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Day Feast Reflection
January 1 Solemnity of Mary Lk 2:16-21. What graces and blessings do you ask God for the new year?
January 2 Basil and Gregory, mem. Jn 1:19-28. How is God leading you along paths of peace and justice?
January 3   Jn 1:29-34. How do you experience the Lord’s faithfulness in your life?
January 4 Elizabeth Ann Seton, mem. Jn 1:35-42. How do you respond to Jesus’ question: “What are you looking for?”
January 5   Jn 1:43-51. Reflect on your experience of following Jesus. How would you describe your experience?
January 6 Epiphany. Mt 2:1-12. The mystery hidden before all ages is revealed to us today. What epiphanies have you experienced?
January 7   Mt 4:12-17, 23-25. What areas of your heart need healing so you may better walk in the light of Christ?
January 8   Mk 6:34-44. In what ways can you bring glad tidings to the poor?
January 9   Mk 6:45-52. Reflect on Jesus’ words “do not be afraid.” What meaning does this message hold for you?
January 10   Lk 4:14-22a. How has God anointed you to be a messenger of the good news of God’s love in Jesus?
January 11   Lk 5:12-26. In what ways do you wish to be made clean by Jesus’ healing touch?
January 12   Take some time to be with Jesus, the bridegroom. How is God seeking to dwell in your heart?
January 13 Baptism of the Lord Lk 3:15-16, 21-22. How do you experience yourself as beloved of God?
January 14   Mk 1:14-20. What is your image of the kingdom of God? How do you play a part in this vision?
January 15   Mk 1:21-28. How have I experienced kindness from God? From others? What kindness might I offer today?
January 16   Mk 1:29-39. How do you experience Jesus as the “fountain of life” and “God’s saving light” ?
January 17 Anthony, mem. Mk 1:40-45. What place do silence and solitude hold in your life? Is there room for more silence and solitude?
January 18   Mk 2:1-12. What actions of Jesus astound you?
January 19   Mk 2:13-17. Are there people who are not included in your circle of concern? Who are they and why?
January 20 2nd Sunday in OT John 2:1-11. What part of the wedding at Cana strikes you the most? Why?
January 21 Agnes, mem. Mk 2:18-22. How do you celebrate the coming of the Lord now that we have moved to Ordinary Time?
January 22 Prayer for Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Mk 2:23-28. Enlighten my heart, O God, that I may know the hope that belongs to my call.
January 23   Mk 3:1-6. Recall a time that you left your comfort zone to aid another. Give thanks that the spirit of God dwells in you.
January 24 Frances de Sales, mem. Mk 3 :7-12. Jesus is the Son of God. What is your favorite identification of Jesus ? Why ?
January 25 Conversion of St. Paul Mk 16:15-18. How do you experience yourself as a disciple of Jesus? What spiritual gifts have been given to you?
January 26 Timothy and Titus, mem. Mk 3:20-21. Jesus’ relatives thought Jesus was out of his mind. What surprises you about Jesus? Do you surprise those close to you?
January 27 3rd Sunday in OT Lk 1:1-4, 14-21. Pray for those held captive, oppressed, or living in poverty. How has God anointed you to be good news for others?
January 28 Thomas Aquinas, mem. Mk 3:22-30. What wondrous deeds has the Lord wrought in your life?
January 29   Mk 3:31-35. How is God showing you kindness and truth?
January 30   Mk 4:1-20. What do you need for the seed of God’s word to take further root and grow in you?
January 31 John Bosco, mem Mk 4:21-25. What gifts has God given to you? How are you using them?