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Day Feast Reflection
April 1   John 4:43-54. In what places do you seek to do good? Where do you find the Lord?
April 2   John 5:1-16. Who do you wish to bring to Jesus for healing?
April 3   John 5:17-30. Take time to rest in God’s word and pray for strengthening of faith.
April 4   John 5:31-47. Recall a time that you were a witness to God’s unconditional love and give thanks for God’s grace.
April 5   John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30. What fears keep you from professing your faith in Jesus? Pray for courage to say who Jesus is for you.
April 6   John 7:40-53. In what ways has your encounter with Jesus set up a confrontation with another or with a situation?
April 7 Fifth Sunday in Lent John 8:1-11. What do you think Jesus wrote on the ground when the woman caught in adultery was brought to him?
April 8   John 8:12-20. What would you like to know more about Jesus?
April 9   John 8:21-30. Jesus always does what is pleasing to his Father. How does obedience play out in your life?
April 10   John 8:31-42. How do you experience God’s liberating truth and grace in your life today?
April 11   John 8:51-59. Which of the tensions that Jesus experiences impresses you most? Why?
April 12   John 10:31-42. What good work has Jesus recently done for you?
April 13   John 11:45-56. Jesus gathers the dispersed children of God. Pray for unity among the children of earth.
April 14 Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-40. Choose a line from today’s scripture to use as a mantra. One possibility: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”
April 15   John 12:1-11. In what ways do you and can you act with Mary’s reverence for Jesus?
April 16   John 13:21-33, 36-38. How have you experienced your action of welcoming others and being welcomed at the table as an occasion for conversion and growth?
April 17   Matthew 26:14-25. Give thanks for the gift of friendship and pray for the grace to be trustworthy.
April 18 Holy Thursday John 13:1-15. Whose feet is Jesus asking you to wash? Who washes your feet?
April 19 Good Friday Isaiah 52:13-53:12. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus for bearing the infirmities of frail humanity. Take time to be silent today.
April 20 Holy Saturday Psalm 36:4-5. Commit your way to the Lord. If you trust, then God will act. What strikes you most about today or the Easter Vigil celebration?
April 21 Easter Sunday John 20:1-9. In what ways does the joy of this day inspire you to offer yourself to God?
April 22 Easter Monday Matthew 28:8-15. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were fearful, yet overjoyed by the empty tomb. Reflect on your feelings about Jesus’ resurrection.
April 23 Easter Tuesday John 20:18-11. Mary announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord.” In whom or in what do you see the Lord today?
April 24 Easter Wednesday Luke 24:13-35. Recall a time when you first did not recognize Jesus. Pray for Jesus to unveil prejudice, blindness, or fear from your heart.
April 25 Easter Thursday Luke 24:35-48. Receive Jesus’ gift of peace and be a messenger of his peace to all whom you meet today.
April 26 Easter Friday Read today’s gospel aloud. What strikes you most about the story?
April 27 Easter Saturday Mark 16:9-15. Jesus tells his disciples to proclaim the good news to every creature. What actions can you take to restore life to the earth and all living things?
April 28 Second Sunday in Easter John 20:19-31. Who needs your forgiveness? To whom can you offer peace?
April 29   John 3:1-8. How is the Holy Spirit working in your life? Who is the Holy Spirit for you?
April 30   John 3:7b-15. What fruits of the Spirit are most present in your life? Which fruits need more attention so that they can grow and come into the light?