Concerning the recent earthquakes 

The following is a letter one of the sisters in our federation received from Mother Mariangela of Assisi OSB after the most recent earthquake shook central Italy on Oct. 30.  

Sorry for my delay. It is not easy for me to answer your questions since Umbrian Region is still trembling until this time and I don’t know when it will stop. This morning at around 7:00, we were celebrating mass, and we did really feel the very strong quakes!!! Our chapel danced with the tremors.  Just imagine our reactions. The small cracks in my monastery are increasing, and these make me worried since we are expecting more tremors.  The worst thing is that they are predicting much stronger one or two earthquakes that will come again before Christmas. Let us continue to pray.  Norcia is really devastated, and our nuns are trapped in their laundry under the rubble. No communication is available. Luckily, I was able to contact Bastia, and it was good to know that they learned from the Abbess of Norcia that the Norcia sisters are trapped.  The Abbess of Bastia with Madre Cecilia decided to bring them to Bastia, but all roads to Norcia are closed so they have to wait. Lots of Monasteries are inviting them, too, but I told them it is up to them to decide. I had been inviting them to come to Assisi since the earthquake of August 24, 2016, but they preferred to stay. 

I heard that in Citerna ,  all are staying outside the monastery today after the powerful tremor this morning. The Abbess said their monastery is still stable enough to stay. 

Cittaducale (Riete) - No communication is available. I have no idea how they are now. I hope I can hear from them one of these days.

 Offida - They are all staying outside and will still decide where to take refuge tonight. They have lots of cracks.

 San Ginesio – All are outside the monastery. I invited them to come to our monastery. They will still decide. I just learned this evening that they are staying in a Hostel in front of their monastery.

Ascoli Picceno –There are some cracks, but everyone is fine.

Fabriano-S. Margherita - The Church is unfit to use while some parts of their monastery are safe and some are not.

 Amandola - They evacuated just near their monastery. The whole monastery is unfit to stay.

San Martino - The nuns are staying in their guesthouse part of which is still safe while the other part and the whole monastery are unfit.

Sant’Angelo  in Pantano - The whole monastero is damaged. The Abbot of Monte Cassino invited them to Volturno to stay in a Monastero which was closed. 

So far I can only give you this update.   I’ll still have to call Perugia tomorrow and other monasteries in Umbria-Marche. Please keep us always in your prayers. We have no other recourse.

Peace and every blessing from Assisi! 

M. Mariangela