A Day of Prayer for Unity and Healing

November 11, 2016

In a spirit of cooperation and hope, we Benedictine Sisters of Mount St.
 Scholastica call for a day of prayer for unity and healing in our nation after a very divisive and accusatory presidential campaign.  We know that we need to work together to keep our country strong and to preserve our democracy.  We appreciate all who have been examples of courage and integrity as they strived to represent their constituents.

For 240 years the United States of America has been an example of free elections and smooth transition of power. We pledge ourselves to support a peaceful transition of our newly elected officials and to respect those who have different points of view.  We ask God to bless our nation with strong, compassionate leaders who will unite our broken, fractured communities.  As President Obama reminded us in his speech on Nov. 9, “we are all on the same team and we all want the same thing. We’re Americans first, we’re patriots first.”

Committed to our Benedictine value to seek peace, we invite all to join us on Nov. 11 to pray for healing in our civic communities and to honor our veterans who have fought to preserve our freedoms.