From the Prioress: Call for a Day of Prayer

Anne Shepard, OSB

This election time has been the most tumultuous in my memory.  Growing up in Washington, D.C., I thought I had experienced just about everything.  Not so.  We are approaching a presidential inauguration day where protests will happen all across the United States.  There are women’s marches scheduled in many major cities.  Immigrants are afraid they will be deported.  Both of our daughter houses in Mexico said they are fearful of a plunging economy and increased violence in their city streets.  The newly insured are afraid that they will lose the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.  People of color are writing that they cannot identify with those being nominated for office, etc.  To that end people of faith have been asked to come together to pray for the citizens of this country and our neighbors to the south of us. 

I asked our mount community to devote a minimum of one extra hour of silent prayer on Friday, January 20th.  As Benedictines we can ask God to hold all peoples in safety.  We pray for the elected officials that they serve with the common good in mind, not the special interests of a few.  We pray that the Congress will learn again what it means to work together instead of being at odds all the time.