Perpetual Profession of Vows – May 15, 2022

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The ceremony for perpetual profession of vows is not just confined to the Eucharistic liturgy, which took place on Sunday, May 15, 2022, in St. Scholastica Chapel at Mount St. Scholastica. It began at Evening Prayer on May 14, where Sister Jennifer Halling was blessed by each Sister.

The Mass began with the “statio” – the Sisters formally processing into the chapel, bowing to the tabernacle and then to each other. The liturgy was filled with solemnity and ritual, as Sister Jennifer read her hand-written profession document, then signed it in the presence of Sister Esther Fangman, prioress. 

Sister Jennifer received special blessings from the community while lying prostrate before the altar, beneath a white pall. She then received the gold ring symbolizing her life-long bond with Jesus Christ.

A reception for family, friends and guests took place after the Mass in the monastery dining room.

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