Volunteers Needed

To volunteer, call Sister Bridget Dickason, Director, at 913.906.8990 or e-mail her at kwc@mountosb.org. We will arrange a time for you to visit the Center to gain a better of understanding of our ministry as well as visit with you about your interests and skills and our needs.

Tuesday Night Volunteer to Help at Front Desk

This volunteer sits in the lobby from 6:00 - 8:00 of the Catholic Charities building to admit people who come for a variety of programs. Generally these are regular groups and the volunteer will quickly come to recognize them and unlock the door so they can enter. Occasionally someone comes who is not a Keeler client and it is necessary to firmly indicate that the building is closed and they will need to return the following day. Near the end of the evening the volunteer comes upstairs to help with cleanup and closing.

Office Assistance and Hospitality

This involves answering the phone, greeting guests who are arriving for programs or services, offering cold drinks or coffee. On occasion it is necessary to baby-sit while a mother is receiving a service or attending a program. We also use office volunteers to send faxes or assist with a variety of small projects. Usually volunteers give one morning, afternoon, or evening each week. We especially need volunteers to assist with child-care.

Pro-bono legal assistance

These volunteers will be available to help women who need legal assistance or advice on a wide variety of legal matters. Volunteers could have a regular time each week or month to meet women by appointment or on a "drop in" basis. Or they could be available to work with an individual woman referred by the director. Women from both sides of the state line are served and most often have issues related to family law.

Basic Literacy

Tutors are needed to meet the needs of the one in four adults in Wyandotte County who qualify for Basic Literacy. Literacy volunteers are trained by Literacy Kansas City and tutor twice each week for one and one-half hours each time. There is a fee for the training and at this time Keeler does not have funds to pay for the training. You may visit the Literacy Kansas City website for more information.

Easy English tutors

Volunteers are needed to meet once each week to work on basic conversational English skills with women who are learning English and want to practice in a non-threatening environment. Emphasis is on teaching vocabulary, pronunciation, and simple conversation.

Agencies with Employment Opportunities

We are seeking employers who want to hire women and men for full-time jobs with benefits. We will arrange a time and place for interviews. We will assist with advertising the interviews.

Presenters for our Holy Women series

This series meets regularly on the 2nd Thursday of each month, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Each session includes presentation of a "holy woman" with prayer, reflection and discussion. Holy women might be traditional saints or contemporary women whose life example encourages others to live a life of service and holiness. Holy Women might be from different periods of history, other cultures or religious traditions.

Your Choice

If you have interests or skills in other areas that might help us meet our mission of "empowering women in the urban core through education, advocacy, personal and spiritual development," let us know. We will help you design your program.

To volunteer, call Sister Bridget Dickason, Director, at 913.906.8990 or e-mail her at kwc@mountosb.org or fill out this form.

We will arrange a time for you to visit the Center to gain a better understanding our ministry and our needs as well as to hear about your interests and skills.