"The Keeler team showers guests and clients with warm hospitality. Women feel valued and respected. The services, support and friendship offered are priceless." Lynn, a volunteer

"I think Keeler is a very special place. They helped me in so many different ways." Estella, a client

"I feel comfortable and can learn here." Maria, a client

"I like Keeler Center because it is a place of kindness and generosity." Mary, a volunteer

"Coming to the Keeler Women's Center, you become part of many different activities. This is definitely the place to come and get involved with the community and make new friends." Amanda, a client and a volunteer

"The Keeler Women's Center is a place where there are many helpful people helping women in many ways including job search, counseling, spiritual direction and learning basic English. I feel real blessed meeting the Sisters here. They have given me many volunteer opportunities." Samantha, a high school volunteer

"KWC…a place of welcome and grace for all who come…whether a volunteer or client. God's loving presence is felt here." Pat, a volunteer

"Open minds. We feel free to speak our feelings." Kinley, a client

"I like the atmosphere, feeling I am a part of a place where people love and help others with no barriers." A client

"The people at Keeler are most friendly and helpful. They care about everyone they meet." Liz, a volunteer

"The moment I walked into the Keeler Women's Center, I felt the warmth and hospitality of a friend's home. The Sisters and staff made me feel right at home." Ann, a client

"The Sisters taught me years ago and I'm still learning from them to be hospitable, compassionate and just." Pat, a volunteer

"I feel real good! Nice folks to be with. It is a place of gentleness and peace." Theresa, a client

"Keeler Center is such a warm and welcoming place. The care and hospitality one receives here is a respite for one's mind, body and heart. Thank you, Sisters and volunteers, for all you do, for so many!!!" Charlotte, a client

"Any nervousness I feel evaporates when I see the hospitality table in the hallway followed by the smiling faces of the staff. Clearly I am welcome." Jennifer, a client

"I like the friendly atmosphere. The nuns are always welcoming. Thanks for providing fruit and sweets. It's nice that you keep us aware of things going on here." Pat, a client

"I like the women that work here. They are very nice and that helps me a lot." Mary Ann, a client

"There is a feeling of closeness, openness and trust." a client

"This center is providing a wonderful service. There may not be one like it in the entire metroplex." a client

"Keeler has always been a supportive refuge as well as a stimulating place for growth." Kathy, a client

"The Keeler Women's Center is a place to find a wide variety of beneficial and helpful services that are educational and spiritual and that meet the needs of women and their families." Thelma, a client

"I've gained much support and useful information from the people at Keeler - I've met a lot of wonderful women here!" Ann, a client and a volunteer

"The tranquil music and fresh flowers make for an awesome visit." A client

"I love the way people we serve change. Often they come in with no hope and they leave feeling hopeful and positive." Patricia, a volunteer

"Keeler Women's Center has been very helpful to me. They have helped me out so many times. God bless them and keep them!" Eartha, a client

"Two words…Spiritual Sanctuary," Marla, a volunteer

"Thank you for the time you spend with me and all your wonderful educational and delightful programs. I am so blessed to have such faithful friends who reach out to offer the ladies and families in our community so many resources, support, counseling, friendship, generosity and so much more. I do not know what I would be doing now without you." a client.