For ten years, the journal VOX BENEDICTINA brought its readers quality scholarship in the history of feminine spirituality. When editor Margot King retired, there was a serious gap in the field of women’s spirituality. Former associate editor, Judith Sutera OSB, has continued the tradition since 1995 under the title Magistra. This daughter publication continues to provide a vehicle for the study of the spirituality of women in all time periods and all religious traditions. There is still a role and audience for a journal that increases awareness of the contributions made by women in the history of spirituality. There is much yet to be explored in those areas of spirituality considered “feminine” in its broadest sense, whether taught and practiced by women or men. There is a growing appreciation of the role of these spiritual writings in the fields of history, literature, women’s studies and other areas of the arts and humanities. Readers will find:
  • a refereed journal published semi-annually,
  • high quality scholarship in a professionally managed publication, yet with the ease of reading and spiritual approach which provide wide-ranging appeal to a variety of readers,
  • works by academics, artists and contemporary religious on spirituality of any time period and all faith traditions,
  • something for the mind and something for the spirit.
Magistra welcomes both new subscribers and new material for publication. In addition to original articles, translations of texts by or about women and their spirituality will be considered by our editorial readers. Magistra is always seeking articles on lesser known women and subjects other than the “traditional” Catholic medieval mystics. Those submitting translations are responsible for copyright permission from the source and should provide biographical information about the work’s author. Manuscripts should be sent in RTF or Word format and should not ordinarily exceed thirty double-spaced pages. Copies of new books in relevant areas are also welcomed for review. Below are contents of the most recent issue. For a complete list of articles, to order back issues or to subscribe, contact the editor: Subscriptions (2 issues per year) are $20 for individuals and $30 for institutions in U.S. or Canada, $35 for foreign subscribers, all payments in US dollars only.

All submissions may be sent to:

Judith Sutera, OSB
801 South 8th
Atchison, KS 66002
PHONE: 913-360-6200
FAX: 913-360-6190


Laura Swan, OSB, associate editor
Caroline Walker Bynum
Rev. John Crean, Jr., (co-editor emeritus)
Esther de Waal
Hugh Feiss, OSB
Mary Forman, OSB
Frank Henderson
E. Ann Matter
Barbara Newman
Ingrid Peterson, OSF
Deborah Vess (co-editor emerita)
Katharina Wilson