Job Description – Kitchen Hospitality

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Sophia Spirituality Center

Kitchen Hospitality (hourly with very flexible schedule)


Sophia Spirituality Center, a ministry of Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas, is seeking to hire an individual who will be in charge of providing refreshments and some meals for guests who come for retreats.  We are seeking someone who enjoys cooking and who will provide nutritious and delicious food served in an attractive way while also giving exemplary customer service. Grounded in the rich monastic tradition of prayer and hospitality, Sophia Center welcomes men and women of all faiths who are searching for God, for peace, and for meaning in their lives through offerings which foster spiritual and personal growth.

The ideal candidate will have experience cooking for large groups and individuals with special dietary needs, be steeped in Benedictine values, responsible, detail-oriented, and able to work a very flexible schedule as some weeks are very full, some weeks are very light, and most Friday nights and Saturdays have groups scheduled.  This is an hourly position. Experience with the unique environment of Catholic ministry is a plus.


If interested, please e-mail for details on the application process. The position will remain open until the right candidate is found.





This position provides refreshments for guests who come to Sophia for retreats. At times we also provide simple meals. The flexible schedule is built around the needs of groups that come to Sophia for retreats.


About Sophia


Sophia Spirituality Center, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica, is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all guests coming for private retreats, program offerings, or to use our space for meetings or retreats. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment.


The mission of Sophia is: Grounded in the rich monastic tradition of prayer and hospitality, Sophia Center welcomes men and women of all faiths who are searching for God, for peace, and for meaning in their lives through offerings which foster spiritual and personal growth.


Sophia operates with these values:

·       Welcoming and Inclusive: We are welcoming, inclusive and nurturing. We invite all to join us in making connections and lifelong friendships.

·       Building community: We believe in the strength of community and we seek to cultivate a sense of belonging in all we do.

·       Enriching mind + body + spirit: We help individuals live a physically, intellectually, and emotionally healthy lifestyle as they grow in their relationship to God and others.

·       Passing on our Catholic tradition in a monastic setting: We celebrate and pass on the values, culture, history, and traditions of our Benedictine community.

·       Treating others as we wish to be treated: We treat everyone with respect, dignity and loving kindness.

·       Continuing to learn: We value life-long learning and provide opportunities for staff to grow.


Essential Duties


·       Depending on our schedule of retreats, this individual will prepare/serve nutritious refreshments in an attractive way  that meets the needs of guests who might be diabetic, vegetarian or vegan

·       At times meals need to be prepared and served. Most often this is a simple breakfast on Saturday mornings but other meals are also served sometimes. These are usually simple and we sometimes purchase prepared food from Costco.

·       Keeps kitchen clean and organized

·       Prepares list of supplies needed

·       On occasion may be asked to  shop locally for items needed

·       All other duties as requested

·       Responsible to the Director whom she/he updates on a regular basis



·       Some experience preparing and serving food to large groups of people

·       Some knowledge of basic nutrition

·       Works well with others in a collaborative setting

·       Has a flexible schedule and Is able to work Friday evenings and Saturday hours on a regular/almost weekly basis

·       Is detail-oriented and organized

·       Provides exemplary customer service skills and is able to serve a diverse clientele in a respectful and helpful manner

·       Is able to multi-task

·       Is extremely reliable

·       Is able to speak softly to maintain an environment that supports the center’s mission

·       Is able to lift boxes and such things

We offer competitive salaries based on education and experience and an excellent working environment.




If you are qualified for this position and are passionate about our mission, we look forward to hearing from you.

            Hard copies mailed to Sophia are preferred. Please send your resume and a cover letter to:


            Sophia Spirituality Center

            751 South 8th

            Atchison, KS 66002



            NO phone calls please.


With your resume and cover letter, please include a response to these questions:


1.     Why do you want this position?


2.     What has been the greatest contribution you’ve made in your current or a previous position?


3.     What personal qualities or experience do you think would make you successful in this role? Mention especially any experience cooking/serving large groups of people.


4.     We take great pride in being a Benedictine Retreat Center. Describe your familiarity with Benedictine values and what you think that means here at Sophia.


A top priority for us as we seek to fill this position is finding a person with cooking and serving skills but also who is able to work flexible hours, especially Friday nights and Saturdays. Please describe your availability and willingness to meet the needs of our guests.