On a couple of occasions women have donated some pieces of jewelry to us.  Sometimes we can use these pieces for Night of Dreams silent auction items. However, if they are of higher value, we sell them and use the money for our ministry needs.  

Last year we were able to purchase a new piano for our Sophia Center. Part of the money to purchase it came from a generous gift of jewelry. The donor was very happy to put her jewelry to good use and to support our ministry in Sophia Center.  

The piano we had was no longer working and could no longer be fixed.  A piano is very important for the prayers and the programs provided in Sophia Center.  Many groups that come to Sophia Center want to use a piano, and now they are very happy to have a beautiful sounding piano.

For more information on what items can be donated contact: 

Sister Mary Agnes Patterson, OSB at 913-360-6215 or patterson@mountosb.org

Benedictine Sisters 

Mount St. Scholastica

801 S. 8th St.

Atchison, KS, 66002

Tax ID: 48-0548363


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  1. Sr. Mary Agnes, What a GREAT follow-up to emphasizing the usefulness of donations! I think more would donate if there were stories now and then that showed the value of things no longer needed by owners. Good job! Hugs, Lynn

  2. Dear Sister,
    This story warms the cockles of my heart!
    I agree with Lynn Schafer that awareness of these more unusual gifts would inspire and encourage others to offer that which they may not have considered before.

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