Council Meeting Report February 1, 2019

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Sister Esther Fangman met with the council at 9:00 a.m. on February 1, 2019, in the Schirmer Room.  Present were Sisters Elaine Fischer, Mary Elizabeth Schweiger, Alberta Hermann, Susan Barber, Maria Heppler, and Molly Brockwell.  Sister Helen Mueting was present as secretary.

 Shared Lectio

The council meeting opened with shared lectio on the Gospel for the fourth Sunday in ordinary time.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the December 21 council meeting were approved.

Listening Sessions

Sister Esther asked the council for their response to the listening sessions.  After sharing their responses, the council and Sister Esther planned how best to address the five areas with the community at the March community meeting. 

Solar Panels Update

The Wangari Committee will work on planning some education on solar panels for the community.

NRRO Grant

The Mount has been receiving a grant of about $120,000 from the National Retired Religious Organization.  Sister Rose Marie Stallbaumer asked the council to consider whether or not we should continue to receive this grant based on the positive status of our current retirement funds.  Should we refuse the grant so that other communities with more need for the funds could receive more? The council decided it was a matter of justice to decline it at this time.

Community Day Agenda

The council discussed the agenda for community day.  After some discussion, it decided to only have one day for the meeting.  To do this, the meeting would need to start at 9:00 a.m.  Prayers would be scheduled for 7:30 followed by Eucharist at 8:15.  The morning sessions would be from 9:00-11:45 and would include a gratitude talk, discussion on Dooley Center and a senate presentation.  The afternoon would start with Midday Praise at 1:30 and include a presentation on green burial, an interculturality presentation and announcements.  The meeting would adjourn at 4:30 with Evening Praise at 5:00.

Community Life Meeting Agenda

Sister Maria Heppler asked if any council member had suggestions for the February Community Life Meeting.  She plans to go over Lenten observances. She will put up a note asking if any community member has anything she would like to bring up at the meeting.

Volunteers to El Paso

Sister Mary Elizabeth Schweiger announced that eleven oblates were interested in going to El Paso to volunteer.  The community will send two people, one of whom is Sister Genevieve Robinson


Several viable candidates have submitted applications for the archivist position.  A committee met with some consultants from Avila to prepare for the interviews of these candidates.  The consultants visited our archives.  Sister Esther wrote letters to the candidates and invited four out of the seven to a Zoom interview.  The committee will have Zoom meetings with each of the candidates over the next two weeks.  The consultants will help with the interviews.

The meeting adjourned at 3:40.