Words from the Wise

Please join us in congratulating Sister Joyce Meyers, who will be featured for her life accomplishments at the 2018 LeadingAgeAnnual Meeting & Expo in Philadelphia. 

Sister Joyce Meyers is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica, located in Atchison, Kan., where she has dedicated her life to mission work.

Throughout S. Joyce Meyers 95 years, she has made a phenomenal impact on many lives. Prior to turning 65, she was a math, physics and English teacher, followed by being a principal for 15 years and starting the first School Board at her school.

Since 65, she has owned and operated her own psychology practice, dedicating her practice to serving the poor and only charging $2-5 per visit for those impoverished. She had a group of adolescents that called her their "looney tuner." She retired from her practice at 84 years old but continues to see a few patients to this day. She has one patient who stated, "she is the only person I can talk to about what really counts."

S. Joyce then continued to live in Kansas City and volunteer at Keeler Women's Center, a place that serves impoverished women. Her volunteering included tutoring women to get their GED's or to finish their degrees, watching children of single mothers, where she only played intellectual games so the children had some form of education, and assisting women in finding jobs.

In addition, S. Joyce was an active water skier until her mid-80's where she taught many children how to water ski. She was also a downhill skier until the age of 82, a hunter and fisherman until her mid-80's. She now volunteers her time in her community working in the development office taking in donations, coding them and doing the paperwork for the treasurer. S Joyce states, "I have had a great life, I got to do everything I wanted to do and I had a great time doing it."