Sister Yvonne Barrington, O.S.B.

November 26, 1926 – May 19, 2007

Sister Yvonne Barrington, OSB, 80, a Benedictine Sister of Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Kans., died at the monastery Saturday, May 19, 2007. The vigil service will be Tuesday, May 22, at 7 pm in the monastery chapel, and the Mass of Resurrection will be offered there Wednesday, May 23, at 10:30 am.

A native of St. Benedict parish, Kansas City, Kansas, Sister Yvonne spent many years teaching in Kansas City elementary schools: six years at St. Joseph in Shawnee, four years each at St. Anthony and Sacred Heart, and shorter times at Christ the King, All Saints, and Our Lady of Unity. She also served as teacher and assistant librarian at Donnelly College. She taught in rural Kansas schools and in Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado. When she returned to Atchison, she was librarian at Bert Nash School for youth.

The only daughter of Fred and Teresa Buckley Barrington, Sister Yvonne was born November 26, 1926, attended schools in Kansas City, and then graduated from Mount St. Scholastica Academy after she entered the community in June, 1945. She made monastic profession Dec. 22, 1946. She earned a bachelor of science degree in education, with minors in history and religious studies from Mount St. Scholastica College. She was predeceased by her parents and by her only brother Donald. She is survived by her sister-in-law Margaret of Cincinnati, Ohio; her nieces Karen Hutchinson, Loveland, Ohio; Kitty Coverdale, San Jose, Calif.; Donna Peake, Chicago, Ill.; and Kim Barrington, St. Louis, Mo.; by her cousins, many friends, and her monastic family. Memorials may be sent to Mount St. Scholastica.

Let us remember her gratefully in our prayers. 

S. Yvonne's memorial card

"I place all my trust in you, O Lord,
All my hope is in your mercy." Ps 130

Sister Yvonne was a woman who appreciated order and the respective talents that each person contributes to the whole of life. She was interested in many things and had an almost dogged determination to find answers that would satisfy her need to know. An intense personality, her unflinching gaze helped hold conversation to the matter at hand. She showed an almost fierce loyalty and protectiveness to her friends, to her Partners in Prayer, and to former students, including those from other countries. She and her brother Donald were the only children of Fred and Teresa Buckley Barrington of St. Benedict’s parish in Kansas City, Kans. The Kansas City locale was the environment in which she spent much of her teaching ministry, having received her bachelor’s degree in education from Mount St. Scholastica. Sister Yvonne relished her trips to the Holy Land and to Thailand, delighting in the wonder and difference of other places. The debility of constant illness and its frustrating weakness accompanied her later years. She wanted to do as much as she could for herself, but she gradually learned to receive the help of others with acceptance and gratitude. Let us remember her in thankful prayer. 

Reflection given at the Vigil Service 

by Sister Seraphine Tucker, OSB


At the age of 80, Sister Yvonne has completed a long hike, or way, to reach the goal God set for her. Like all of God’s creation, this path has beauty beyond words. At the same time, set within, beside and even ahead of the beauty, there are snags, dangers and fears that challenge the reality of attaining the goal. Along the way, climbers are strengthened by spiritual gifts, the example of those who have completed the trip, and also, by many companions. With Jesus, as guide, all have enough stamina to absorb the beauty, face the dangers and persevere with the Truth to eternal Life.

The way to God, as exemplified by Jesus, is most glorious. All the beauty of the four seasons, of the great artists, and of our imaginations carry us along the path to that eternal goal, God. Sister Yvonne responded to a call from God sixty-two years ago to share some of the beauty to be found here at the Mount. Daily Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, daily living out the promises we made by our vows, are but a few of the many blessings, to say nothing of the many daily little miracles that enrich all lives. These many gifts are gleaned along the Way of life and are markers of the Truth, and signs of Love, Life and Vigor that enable us to complete

The high points in our lives, and the presence of our companions and friends help us have enough will to fight off the devil and all of his wiles. The way gets rough, full of tangled growth and defensive or hungry animals to discourage us. Our physical condition gets worn down, we may not be using the proper equipment and when we come upon the forks in the road, we fear, hesitate and often side track a bit. By keeping our eyes fixed upon our goal and with the help from all available sources we keep on struggling to our destiny.

The exotic beauty of God’s creation, as well as the challenging dangers of life demand our whole being. Our attitude of reverence and respect for all of God’s creation enable us be good listeners, imitators, and lovers. The one to imitate is Jesus, as we find him in the Gospels.

As I was preparing for tonight’s liturgy the selection we read from St Paul to the Romans was headed, DESTINY OF GLORY and, of course, having known Sister Yvonne as Gloria, I read the heading as Destiny of Gloria. St. Paul tells us that the sufferings of the present are nothing compared to the glory that awaits us. Sister Yvonne no longer struggles along the beautiful way in hope. She now knows the truth of it all. She has attained the Light, the eternal Life, God Himself.