Sister Mary Frederick Lueb, O.S.B.

July 4, 1933 – November 14, 2007

Sister Mary Frederick Lueb, OSB, 74, a Benedictine Sister of Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Kans., died Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007, at the monastery. The vigil service will be Monday, Nov. 19, at 7pm in the monastery chapel, and the Mass of Resurrection will be offered there Tuesday, Nov.20, at 10:30am.

Sister Mary Frederick Lueb%2C OSBBorn July 4, 1933, to Paul J and Helen Wilson Lueb of Seneca, Kans., Sister Mary Frederick lived there until she entered Mount St. Scholastica in 1954. Her mother died when Sister M. Frederick was six years old, and she was raised by her aunt, Anna Lueb. Taught by the Benedictine Sisters at Sts. Peter and Paul, she knew many of the Sisters before she entered. She taught primary and elementary school children in Purcell and Wetmore, at Christ the King and Sacred Heart in Kansas City, and St. Joseph in Shawnee, Kans. She studied history and education at Mount St. Scholastica, and then volunteered for Colegio Guadalupe in Mexico City, Mexico, where she taught fourth grade. She became administrative director and teacher at the school of 800 students in Tulpetlac. There she was christened “Sister Freddie” by the children who found it hard to pronounce Frederick, and it became her name of choice. “The highlight of my life,” she said at the time of her golden jubilee in 2005, “was the 15 years I spent as a missionary.”

On her return to Atchison, she directed the tutorial center for Benedictine College, clerked at the library, taught at Happy Hearts learning center, directed the transportation office, and assisted at Le Blond High School and at Heartland Hospital in St. Joseph. More recently, she became known for her hand carved wooden crucifixes.   

Sister Mary Frederick was predeceased by her parents, her aunt Anna, her brother James F., and her sister Roberta. She is survived by her sister, Alice Cameron, Topeka, Kans., by nieces and nephews, and by her monastic community. Memorials may be sent to Mount St. Scholastica. 

Let us remember her gratefully in our prayers. 

S. Mary Frederick's memorial card

“Assist the poor.
Come to the aid of those in trouble.”
Rule of Benedict, Ch. 4, “Tools of Good Works” 

Sister Mary Frederick Lueb was the daughter of Paul J. and Helen Wilson Lueb of Seneca, Kans. She revered her aunt, Anna Lueb, who raised her after her mother died. She entered Mount St. Scholastica in 1954 and made profession in 1955. One of the community’s outstanding spinner of yarns, Sister Mary Frederick kept her sisters and other friends regaled with her tales, embellished to fit circumstances and her hearers. Warmhearted, appreciative, a bit of a stickler when it came to what she saw as just, a patient and outspoken champion of the poor, she valued education and how learning improves lives. She shared Benedictine values of community, prayer, and study with elementary children in Kansas and Missouri, and with the many children in Mexico whom she taught for fifteen years at Colegio Guadalupe and Tulpetlac. There her 800 students called her “Sister Freddie,” a name she claimed ever after. She saw to physical needs as well, planting ten acres of beans, and raising rabbits, pigs and cattle to help the community and the poor. Her later ministries were varied: director of the Benedictine College tutorial center, sacristan, transportation coordinator for the Mount, volunteer at Heartland Hospital and Bishop LeBlond high school, interpreter for the Mount Academy, and assistant supervisor in the kitchen. She became known for her woodcarvings of simple crucifixes, her jalapeno salsa, popcorn for home movies, and her jovial greeting. Let us remember her in grateful prayer.