Sister Ironide makes perpetual profession

Sister Ironide Nunes celebrated her perpetual monastic profession in Mineiros, Goias, Brazil, on January 24, 2016. 

The Braziian community is a dependent monastery of the Atchison Benedictines, and was established in 1964.

Sister Ironide came from a devout Catholic family in Boqueiro, Bahia, Brazil. She has four sisters and four brothers. She served as a sacristan in her parish community at a young age and liked to attend special feastday prayers in the homes of parishioners. When her family moved to Mineiros she became involved with the community of Santa Luzia Chapel and served as a catechist. She also worked as a professional seamstress. 

She became acquainted with the Benedictine Sisters in Mineiros when they brought sewing projects to her house. She liked their way of life, their prayers and ministry, and also their vow of stability. She entered the Mineiros community in 2006 and made her first profession in 2012.  She is now attending college, majoring in psychology. She also helps with parish ministry and religious education. 

Sister Ironide brings many gifts to the community: a spirit of prayer, hospitality to guests, attentiveness to the sisters, service by cooking, baking, laundering, sewing, embroidering, and crocheting. After completing her degree in psychology, she would like to study for a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She also is very interested in vocation ministry.