Photo Gallery: Planting the Wangari Tree

13 July 2013

Five years ago we invited Wangari Maathai, Mount St. Scholastica alumae and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, to come to Atchison to celebrate our sesquicentennial with us. Since Wangari died in 2011, WanGari's daughter, Wanjira Mathai, along with her husband, Lars Lindquist, and two young daughters, came from Kenya to celebrate with us and to plant the tree in Wangari's memory. We planted a red oak across from St. Catherine's in soil where Wangari would have walked as a student at Mount St. Scholastica College. Wangari's granddaughter Ruth placed medals of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica in the hole. Then she helped her mother and father add soil to fill up the hole. The sisters and guests got to add their hand-fulls of soil, too. Wanjira watered the tree and gave it her blessing. And now it waits for life-giving rain and sun.

You are welcome to come enjoy the Wangari Grove with us!

Photos by Rox Stec