Mosteiro Santa Maria Mãe de Deus

Following the injunction of Pope John XXIII, religious communities throughout the world answered the call to send their members to the Third World Countries. Realizing the extent of the work to be done and the large Catholic population to be served, Bishop Coscia came to Atchison and asked the sisters of Mount St. Scholastica to send members of their community to assist in the ministry to the people of Mineiros. Today they are a vibrant community of Brazilian Benedictine sisters, firmly rooted and growing in Mineiros, Goias, Brazil.

Congratulations to Sister Ironide (who made final profession) and her sisters! She wrote a poem for the occasion.

Ministries of our Sisters in Mineiros

The sisters ministries include teaching of English, education at the public secondary school and also in teacher continuing education at a state institution sponsored by the Regional Secretary of Education. They also participate in the pastoral work of the parish: giving religious instruction to children, youth, and adults; planning and participating in liturgies; giving presentations for various church groups; and coordinating retreat groups. On the diocesan level, Sr. Eliene is often called upon to assist in the work of evangelization, giving courses in Jataí, the diocesan see. The Benedictine Sisters are the only group of religious women in the city of Mineiros. There is a balance and harmony between the parish projects initiated and carried out by the Benedictine monks and the sisters. Also the sisters and monks cooperate with each other in the work of initial and on-going formation in both of the communities.


Sister Eliene and her students

The sisters of Mineiros count on the prayers and support of the Serra Movement. Sr. Maria das Graças gives this group spiritual orientation. An extension of this group is the Serra Club for Youth which was created with the help of Sr.Gisélia. The first group was very successful as all of its members entered the consescrated life.  Among the members of this first group are Br. Lenilson of the São Bento Monastery and Sr. Gisélia of the Maria Mãe de Deus Monastery, both situated in Mineiros.

At the dedication of their new buildings

Sister Joselaine takes great care of their chickens at the farm.

Sister Maria das Graças and students

Sister Giselia and friends prepare for liturgy



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