From Sister Judith:

Some have been asking about the pictures that were taken of you last month. It would be very complicated to have everyone look at proofs, so Rox and Mike have selected the one they think is best and done some processing for glare (that's why they took a picture of your eyes with glasses off), stray hairs, etc. I think everyone looks wonderful. Rox has an online album where you can look at them. Go to the link <> and enter the password "benedict."

In the near future, you will receive information about the prints you are going to receive, and I will also be able to send you a digital version for those who need it for professional purposes, but I don't have access to them yet.

We were able to get pictures of more than 90 sisters and a dog in that short period. Thank you so much for your gracious cooperation. Say an extra prayer for the Stecs who have been so patient and generous with us through all these events.