Mount St. Scholastica

Community and Ministry Calendar


August 14Living With Stress and Annxiety (Keeler Women's Center, KCK)

August 16: Getaway For Self-Renewal (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.)

August 17Leadership From the Inside Out (Keeler Women's Center, KCK)

August 17:  Coffee and Silence  (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.) 

August 17:  Enneagram Workshop  (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.) 

August 20-28: Sophia Center closed

August 28Preparing the Bounty: making the most of the Farmers Market (Keeler Women's Center, KCK)

August 30Painting in the Dark:Using Art to Prevent Alzheimer's (Keeler Women's Center, KCK)

September 6Bridges to Contemplative Living (Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Kan.)

September 6-9: Benedictine Work, Prayer and Study With Pope Francis on Care For Our Common Home (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.)

September 7 - 9:  A Dream Retreat  (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.) 

September 7 - 9Clay and Fire Retreat (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.) 

September 12Getaway For Self-Renewal (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.)

September 16: Fellin Lecture- Jenny Yang
September 19: Coffee and Silence  (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.)
September 25: Book Discussion (Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, Kan.)


October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8: Grief/Bereavement Suport Group, (Sophia Center, Atchison, Kan.)

October 6: Oblate Renewal Day

October 26-28: Discernment Weekend


November 11:  Night of Dreams

Mount St. Scholastica