Water Women benefit from Lenten project

Children challenged by Sister Barbara Smith raise nearly $1,500

Sister Barbara Smith demonstrates a Water With Blessings filterWhen Sister Barbara Smith spoke to St. Benedict Catholic School principal Diane Liebsch about a watery Lenten project for students at the Atchison school, Sister Barbara thought her expectations were pretty reasonable.

Sister Barbara did a presentation about Water With Blessings, a non-profit that equips and empowers women around the globe by providing them with simple water filters that bring clean water and all of its possibilities into their homes, in February. Sister Barbara has been an ambassador for the charity since traveling to Honduras on a Water With Blessings sponsored mission trip in 2014.

Each water filter costs about $60, and Smith hoped the students at St. Benedict Catholic School might fill milk-carton banks with enough change by Holy Week to buy 10 filters for Water Women.

On Holy Thursday, as the students emptied their collected change into the large container that Sister Barbara held, two things became obvious:

  • She needed a bigger container
  • The students had probably gathered enough for far more than 10 water filters.

In fact, the students collected $1,494.88. That’s enough to buy filters for 25 Water Women.

“All thoughts on the possible amount were exceeded!” Sister Barbara said. “It is truly amazing what they did.”