See Keeler and Company Players March 21

'Vase of Fresh Flowers' celebrates Women's History Month

The Keeler and Company Players will celebrate Women’s History Month with a presentation of “Vase of Fresh Flowers” at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 21, at St. Peter Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, 1419 N. 8th St., Kansas City, Kan.

Keeler Women's Center drama troupeThe program is open to the public; a $5 donation is suggested to cover the cost of a brunch that will be served.

“Vase of Fresh Flowers,” presented as reader’s theatre, is performed by women who gather at the Keeler Women’s Center, and celebrates the vital role the center plays in the community. The program’s name comes from Keeler Women’s Center practice of placing vases filled with fresh flowers in meeting rooms and offices at the center as an act of hospitality and beauty.

Keeler Women's Center drama troupeThe play focuses on the paths journeyed by women who seek purpose and find meaning in their lives. It mixes the symbolism of flowers and the imagery of vases to reveal personal life stories. Through movement, song, music and the spoken word, each woman uncovers a piece of herself. With playfulness and honesty, the cast engages the audience in the intimacies and struggles of growing up.

 The troupe is directed by Deb Campbell with musical accompaniment by Mavis Mahlberg. Cast members are Mina Alexander, Mieko Sarna, Teenie Gee, Arnita Cotton, Traci Hall, Colleen Murbach, Judy Nies and Jeannette Dixon.