Employment Opportunities at Mount St. Scholastica and Dooley Center: Immediate Openings

Position: Director of Food Service


The director of food service is responsible for planning and directing the overall operation of foodservice at Mount St. Scholastica, including Dooley Center, in accordance with current federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations. Duties include supervising, scheduling and staffing food service personnel, menu planning, etc. The director of food service assures that quality nutritional services in a pleasant dining environment are provided on a daily basis and further assures that the food service department is adequately staffed and maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary environment. Must be a certified dietary manager to apply.

Position: (Full-time) Cook  

Position: (Part-time) Kitchen Staff

Apply in person, email resume to hr@mountosb.org, or send resume to:

Mount St. Scholastica Human Resources Manager

801 S. 8th St.

Atchison, Ks, 66002

Dooley Center

Dooley Center is a 44-bed nursing facility located on the campus of Mount St. Scholastica. We offer a competitive wage scale & excellent benefits package, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance, all in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. 

Now accepting Applications for:

Two full-time C.N.A. positions

One part-time C.N.A. position

Download and scan applicationsend to sinclairwillette@dooleycenter.com, contact Willette Sinclair at (913) 360-6242, or apply in person at 801 S. 8th St. Atchison, KS, 66002.