Council Meeting
February 9, 2018 

Sister Esther met with the monastic council at 1:30 p.m., February 9, 2018, in the 2nd floor conference room.  Members present were Sisters Maria Heppler, Elaine Fischer, Molly Brockwell, Susan Barber, Alberta Hermann, and Mary Elizabeth Schweiger.  Sister Helen Mueting was present as secretary.

The meeting began with the Our Father.

Corporate Resolution

The Corporation of Mount Saint Scholastica convened to approve a resolution authorizing the removal of Sisters Lou Whipple and Dorothy Wolters as Trustees of the Mount St. Scholastica, Inc. Money Purchase Plan and appointing Sisters Maria Heppler and Helen Mueting as their successors.  Sister Mary Elizabeth Schweiger moved that the resolution be approved, and Sister Molly Brockwell seconded the motion.  The resolution was approved by all corporation members.

Zoom Meeting with John Tortolani 

At 2:00 p.m. Sister Rose Marie Stallbaulmer joined the council for a Zoom meeting with John Tortolani from BMT concerning John’s working with us on an actuarial study.  John had looked at the areas and questions we had sent him about a study.  He felt that his company could do all the areas except for maybe development.  His company usually looks at a 10 year time frame to study.  They tend to work on one area to study every time they would come.  They would probably spend two days on a new topic and one day on the old.  He would envision monthly meetings after which he would send us a one page summary.  He is also comfortable giving a power point summary to the community.  Some homework he would need us to do is prioritize the areas we want covered and to give him more information on the time frame and how we want to approach the study.  He could begin in early March with a preliminary meeting to find out our situation, ask questions, and get responses.  He would come this first time at no cost to us except for his travel.  He would spend two days with us.  The council agreed that his coming in March would work. He will give us some dates for early March.  After the study, the company would give us a detailed summary of what our financial situation is and lay out our situation and any tough decisions we may have to make.  At the March community meeting, Sister Rose Marie will give a report on the company and the six areas we will study.

March Community Meeting Agenda 

The council looked at the proposed agenda for the March community day.  It was decided that we would pray at 8 that morning to allow a two hour time period for the culturality presentation and for a gratitude talk in the morning.  The meeting will resume at 1:30 for Midday Praise followed by a gratitude talk by Sister Gabrielle Kocour.  Then Sisters Alberta Herman and Maria Heppler will lead the discussion of the interim Visitation report.  This would probably take one hour.  Sister Rose Marie Stallbaumer would give an update on the actuarial study and there would be time for announcements.  Sister Maria would inform the community about the regional LCWR meeting which will be held here from March 19-22.

The meeting adjourned at 4:05.