Community Information and Statistics

On November 11, 1863, at 11:00 in the evening, seven Benedictine Sisters arrived in Atchison, Kansas, from Eichstätt, Germany - by way of Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Upon their arrival, they opened St. Scholastica Academy, and a long history of educational opportunities for young women and men from all over the midwestern United States became a reality. Presently the community consists of 111 women devoted to a communal life of prayer, work and hospitality lived according to the Rule of St. Benedict and the constitutions of the Federation of St. Scholastica with Sister Esther Fangman as our prioress. The sisters serve God's people in various ministries according to the needs of the community and their individual gifts.

  • Date of Foundation: November 11, 1863
  • Date of Admission to Federation of St. Scholastica: Charter Member, February 25, 1922
  • Founding Monastery: St. Cloud, Minnesota (Later moved to St. Joseph, MN)
  • Prioress: Sister Esther Fangman, OSB
  • Installation: July 9, 2017
  • Number of members: 111

Community History

The Meaning of the Mountain by Sister Mary Faith Schuster, Helicon Press, Baltimore, 1963.  (A history of the first 100 years from 1863-1963)

Monastic Springs by Sister Paula Howard,, 2013.  (A history of the Mount from 1963-2013.)

Dependent House

Mosteiro Santa Maria Mae de Deus, Mineiros, Goias, Brazil - 1964

Mount St. Scholastica

Sister Sheila prepares for a Thomas Merton Retreat. 

Sisters Joanne and Thomasita with their prayer partners.