Community Calendar



February 20-26  CBP Meeting Cullman, AL

February 23  Scholarship Ball


March 1  Council Meeting 9-4:00

March 2  Community Meeting

March 3  Introduction of Oblates & supper with prioress

March 8-14  National Catholic Sisters Week

March 10-16 Community Retreat

March 17 Atchison Oblate Sunday

March 29 Council Meeting 9:00-4:00


April 3  Community Life Meeting

April 14 Atchison Oblate Sunday

April 27 Small Ensemble from KC Symphony Concert

April 27  Abbot's Table


May 1  Council Meeting 9-4:00

May 1  Community Life Meeting 7:15

May 4  Rite of Oblation with Vespers followed by reception

May 11 BC Commencement; Donnelly College Commencement

May 18 Maur Hill-Mount Academy Bacculaureate 9:00 a.m. St. Scholastica Chapel

May 19  Atchison Oblate Sunday

May 31 Council Meeting 9:00-4:00


June 1  Community Meeting

June 5  Community Life Meeting 7:15

June 6  BC Board Meeting & beginning of Alumni weekend

June 8  BC Alulms ice cream social

June 30  75th Jubilee of Sisters Cyprian, Mary Ethel and Gertrude


July 2-11  Sister Esther to Brazil

July 11-14  Oblate Institute

July 15-18  Council Retreat


August 3  Community Meeting

August 13-17 LCWR Meeting Scottsdale AZ

August 18  Atchison Oblate Sunday


September 15  Atchison Oblates

September 28  Ongoing Formation speaker Sr. Imelda Maurer, cdp 10:15-4:00   "Healthy Aging"


October 5  Oblate Renewal Day

October 12  Ongoing Form.- "Aging and Transitions"  Sr. Mary Hopkins O.P. 10:15-4:00


November 17   Night of Dreams

November 18   Late Schedule